Suspension Help

Chris Davis

15 Year Member
Mar 2, 2012
So I just pick up a 90 foxbody I know they typically make for a rough ride but if I bounce on the front or rear of the car it will compress one time then it's so stiff I can't even bounce it with all my weight so my question is can the shock/struts freeze up or do I have another issue?
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They are typically pretty stiff. I have however seen a strut lock up.

If the shocks and struts are old auto parts store stuff, you can definitely improve the ride and handling by upgrading to a good performance shock/strut combo. The Koni SRT.Ts are very good for the money.
I know they ate typically stiff and can be a harsh ride but this this is ridiculously. If I stand on the front or rear bumper and jump up and don't it won't compress at all its solid as rock car will not bounce up or down at all I'm talking zero movement must be seized shocks/struts I can't think of what else it could be