1. C

    Fox Do Aero-Nose Notchback T-Top exist?

    Recently I was watching a video about a t-top foxbody being restored when I decided to look at some images of t-top notchback foxbodies when suddenly I found a pinterest image of a aero nose t-top notchback. I just want to know where if its real I can find more of this car. Did they sell any of...
  2. S

    T-top seals question

    Ok so I have a 91 hatchback and I am using it to recreate my old highschool/tech School car. Wich was an 87 with t-tops. Now I have watched a few videos and done some research on the matter of putting t tops in the car and it's a pretty simple proses. I already have the needed parts. 87-88 t-top...
  3. GroverDill

    Progress Thread 1985 Gt I Finally Have A T Top Car.

    So thanks to @FoxMustangLvr ( not sure if its tanks or damn you! ) I was FORCED to buy this 85 GT T top car. The car is clean, very stock and has been repainted. In case anyone wants to see more http://s631.photobucket.com/user/groverd/library/1985%20GT%20T-Top?sort=3&page=1 5 lug upgrades...