1. B

    What's it Worth? Should i really invest money into this vehicle?

    So i got a 2002 GT 4.6 V8, for 1500$ its my first buy and i love it even tough its been trashed a little i want to see what you guys think and could suggest me for the best interest of the car, as i already said its been trashed, but i really feel like putting in the work/time/love into this car...
  2. H

    1970 Seat Options

    Has anyone done a guide to what late model seats, with some modification, fit in the early Mustangs, i.e. 1970? I have heard fox body ones do with minor changes. I'm wondering if S197 ones would fit specifically. Any other modern seats such as from a Fusion?
  3. justinc87

    2005 4.0 to 4.6/5.0 Swap

    Hello everyone, Yes, I am aware there are plenty of other posts regarding this. Just want some specific info without looking 20 places if anyone can help. I have a 4.0 that's getting close to 200k on it, and shortly after purchasing it, it developed transmission issues. So I am just going to...
  4. ZeroFoxGiven

    Fox Please help identify these brake calipers

    Can't seem to find the correct pads for the calipers I have. They are supposed to be for a 2003 Cobra. PBR Castings part #K247-047C 2 Different sets of pads 2 different brands and neither Brands fit! The Spring clips are spaced too wide apart and they don't fit inside the pistons. One set are...
  5. T

    2004 Mustang GT-Mach 460 Component System Replacement

    I have wanted to upgrade my sound system in my 2004 GT but wanted to keep things as stock as possible. I looked on the internet, and most videos and posts were replacing the component speakers with co-axle speakers and I wanted to keep the tweeter and woofer separate. I called Crutchfield to...
  6. MoDriver

    SOLD 1965-1985 Ford 1st Gen/1G Alternator Upgrade Kit HO-7013 +Alternator deal!

    [SOLD] Ford Alternator 105-AMP UPGRADE KIT Fits the standard external regulator alternator from 35 amps to 65 amps., single or double pulleys, used on Ford cars, light trucks, marine, industrial and other applications from 1965-1985 (Excluding 70-100 Amp ). Made in USA This can be a nice way to...
  7. Z

    4 Gauge To 6 Gauge Cluster Swap - A Little Help

    I have a 2005 Mustang V6 that I purchased new as soon as they were delivered to the dealership. Unfortunately, it only has 4 gauge cluster. I have been reading up on swapping the cluster for the 6 gauge cluster. Recently I came across my original window sticker and found out that my mustang is a...
  8. MoDriver

    For Sale J & M Mustang Brake Hose Kit 87-98 Ford Mustang Rear Stainless Steel

    Listed is a Stainless Steel direct fit D.O.T. certified PTFE (Teflon) lined rear brake hose J&M part number 22515R and fits many V8 Fox and SN95 Mustangs. This fits over the rear axle and will reduce brake pedal "sponginess" and help brake responses. There are installation instructions posted...
  9. K

    Rear End/differential

    Hi I have a 2001 3.8L Ford Mustang first 9 of vin 1FAFP4047 I was wondering what I could do in the rear end to safely increase my top speed I heard that the driveshafts are only rated for 120 and under or they explode what else should I replace that can’t handle 140 also what differential do I...
  10. MoDriver

    SOLD Used 94-04 Mustang Cobra Rear Brake Calipers w/ Carrier Mounts

    [SOLD] Posted is a Pair (1 driver's side, 1 passenger side), used 94-04 Mustang Cobra/Mach 1 rear brake calipers with slide mounts. These are located in Bradenton, FL (34210). Price reduced for Stangnet members only to $100/pair/obo SOLD SOLD SOLD This Cobra caliper is from a functioning 1998...
  11. C

    Next Upgrade? (need Advice)

    I have a '90 Mustang LX 5.0. I've just gotten all of the kinks worked out and it's finally a reliable (all stock) car. The question is, with a track mustang build in mind, what upgrade should I go for next? Rear disks? 5 lug conversion? Suspension work? I've been stuck and don't know where...
  12. J

    C-iii Steering Pump Upgrade

    For some reason my original thread was deleted, so I am revising it as my DIY and mod section. Hopefully it will stay long enough for members to enjoy. Subject, C-III pump to C-II components with mods. So far I have modded my C-II bracket for clearance of the pressure valve and pressure line...
  13. G

    Motorcraft Alternator Part #

    Hey. I know this topic has been beaten like the proverbial dead horse, but I can't find the information I'm looking for anywhere. Can someone give me the part number, or a list of the Motorcraft alternator part numbers that will work for my 3g upgrade?
  14. 9

    Brakes Sti Brembo On A Fox

    Alright so i've been able to find myself a nice set of STI brembo's, now i know that there is an old forum already on this topic but i was wondering if anyone had anymore information regarding this topic. like what would i do with the rear e brake cable? i already an full sn95 5 lug swap and i...
  15. N

    Stock 40th Anniversary V6 Mustang

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and just wanted some tips and advice from the community. Let me start this by saying I'm 18 and this '04 V6 is my first car. I got it for $5k (cash) with 80k miles on it and it is in amazing condition, no scratches or anything. I wanted to see what (much more...
  16. C

    07 Gt Basic Engine Upgrade Help

    Hey everyone. I bought an 07 gt about 3 years ago and it now has almost 130k miles on it, and i now have enough disposable income to start doing what i want to it. I'm replacing both cam phasers and while i'm at it, I'd like to get to other things as well like spark plugs and such. Any...
  17. Phillip32

    07 Gt

    Hello everyone. I'm just getting my first car and it just happens to be an 07 gt. I want to make it as high performance and loud as possible. I'm on about a 2500 budget. Any advice??
  18. S

    Need To Know What I Need

    I have a 1966 Mustang coup. It has a 200 ci inline 6 cylinder engine. I want to put in a 289 engine in it. What other upgrades need to happen in order for this to happen? All I know is that I have to change the transmission and radiator, but that's about it.
  19. G

    Fox Need Opinions On Upgrades

    Okay so im back looking to get some idea for upgrades since summer is coming up fast. So my current 88 automatic convertible set up is as so: 4.10 gears, mac long tube headers, mac o/r prochamber mid pipe, flomaster american thunder catback with super 44 mufflers, 3G alternator, subframe...
  20. stang89bidges

    Diy 87-93 Mustang Instrument Cluster Led Upgrade And Triple Guage Pod Install

    Decided to make this a write-up outside of my progress thread. My Specs: 1. 1989 Mustang GT(works for 87-93) 2. Mustang Full Length Triple Gauge Pod Kit Black (87-93) 3. 1989 Ford Mustang LED Lights | Super Bright LEDs I got all my bulbs from superbrightleds.com(link above). I did my...