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Jul 30, 2019
Has anyone done a guide to what late model seats, with some modification, fit in the early Mustangs, i.e. 1970? I have heard fox body ones do with minor changes. I'm wondering if S197 ones would fit specifically. Any other modern seats such as from a Fusion?
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Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN

Yes. "Most" seats will fit a classic mustang...pull out a tape measure an measure the seat bottom height and the bolster height to know for sure. Its more a matter of modifying the seat rails to fit a given seat. I had some foxbody seats in my old 67 coupe....but the floorpan(and therefore the basic interior dimensions) are the same from 64-70, I also had Fiero seats in my last '66, and those are nice because of the in-seat speaker option:


MrMikes.com offers re-upholstering for fiero seats to be used in a mustang, although I don't think he uses the original vinyl colors, so finding a match may be difficult...or you may have to send him some material to match, you would need to ask him.

I myself plan to use 1st gen Capri seats in my current mustang:


I like the Capri seats best because they look very close to stock with significantly better side bolstering for the twistys
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