v6 3.8l

  1. B

    Coolant eruption... car cranks but won’t start... HELP please!

    So I was performing maintenance on my 99 v6 3.8 this past weekend, I replaced the valve cover seals and lower and upper intake manifold gaskets. Reassembled the engine completely and started it up. Car ran for approximately 15-20 while I was bleeding the coolant system. I loosened the upper...
  2. M

    3.8 To 4.6 Swap Question

    Hey guys so I just did a 98 3.8 to a 97 4.6 swap and swapped everything but now I've ran into a issue I start the car and it starts up for a second but then dies, any ideas??
  3. N

    New Fuel Filter But No Improvement

    So I own a 2004 v6 mustang and after practically rebuilding the car it's been driving relatively smoothly for the past month and a half or so but as of last week, the engine started quitting on me. Happened mostly while driving slowly, below 30. One minute it seemed to start and drive fine and...
  4. miss_molly_mustang

    Overheating... ?

    Okay friends, I recently changed out my radiator and thermostat about a month ago. My radiator had a leak on the bottom that couldn't be fixed so I just got another one. Then my thermostat started sticking, so I replaced that as well. When I changed out my radiator, I did a full flush to make...
  5. miss_molly_mustang

    Progress Thread Miss Molly

    Many have been asking, so here it is. I will try and add as much back story that I have on my phone - might take a little bit. Your eyes may hurt after this because she is not the prettiest thing to look at, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So this was the very first day I got...
  6. miss_molly_mustang

    New Member, Montgomery, Al

    Hi All! I am so excited to be a part of a virtual community that has a love for cars, specifically mustangs, like myself. I have had my baby going on 8 months now. I didn't know it at the time, but she would become my project car and a way that I identify myself. I will be posting my progress...
  7. D

    Just Would Like A Couple Opinions

    So just a couple questions about my 2000 3.8 I'm hoping someone could help me with. And one of them being, why does it shake when I go over 130 KM and when ever I start slowing down after going over 75ish KM. And the second question being, why did my battery light come on after I red lined a...
  8. C

    Need Help With P0340 Camshaft Synchronizer Code!

    99 mustang with I believe to be a 2002 engine 3.8 , only code I get is for camshaft I've replaced the alternator (with one off my other mustang) I know it's works btw , coil pack , spark plugs , oem ford wires, camshaft synch sensor, crankshaft sensor, camshaft synchronizer - now this is where...
  9. O

    99 To A 95 Engine Swap

    So I have a 99 automatic v6 engine. Can I put it in a 95 that previously had a v6 manual. The transmission is still in the 95.
  10. M

    Mustang 2004

    Can anyone help me find The genéric elictrical module i need the dome light wire i cantón find it
  11. R

    Mustang 2000 V6

    Hey I need some help, I have a red mustang 2000 v6 , I was looking under my car today and there is a lot of rust eating away at the frame. I wanted to store and rebuild the car because it's my first car and I don't want to get rid of it but I don't have the kind of money to fix a rusted frame on...
  12. 0

    Please Help!

    I have a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. We believe the car was in an accident at some point. The title says by previous state NV : rebuilt. The car shows minor quirks that resemble an accident and it seems a little loose when driving it. When driving the car...