1. opihinalu

    How to get window run channel weatherstrip in on a power window?

    I am installing window run channel weatherstrip on my 86 GT and I have made it to the point where the weatherstrip goes down into the door panel and you have to connect it to the bracket. There is barely and room to get in there with the window motor in the way. Any suggestions on how to do this?
  2. opihinalu

    Run channel weatherstrip dry rotted and stuck into the channel?

    I am currently replacing my run channel weatherstrip and I am in the proccess of pulling it all out, however the weatherstrip is so stiff it is barely even rubber anymore. It is cracking off as I pull it and it is leaving behind pieces of rubber stuck in the channel that cracked off as I was...
  3. R


    Hi Everyone, I literally signed up for this forum, for this specific issue. I have a Mustang EcoBoost 2015. As most of you know the door is frameless (in regards to the window) which is why the window has an automatic short drop to clear the rubber lining when opening and closing the door...
  4. G

    Convertible Rear Water Window 87-93

    Hi - Does anyone know where one can get the rubber stopper that goes in the bracket for the rear quarter window of fox body convertible. You can buy the replacement guide rod bracket but nobody seems to have this rubber stop. It is the most important part....forget about what the restoration...
  5. M

    Help Driver Side Window Wont Roll Up

    I have an 02, and the driver side window wont roll up, it will roll down fine but it won't roll up this happened to me last night while it was raining and after a good ten minutes pressing the button over and over and slamming the door i finally got it up. I rolled it down a little to see if it...
  6. 89SportVert

    Interior and Upholstery Convertible Front Window Motor Replacement

    Greetings Stangneters, I have been coming to this site for a little over 15 years. I have asked for recommendations, goten tech help and have never been disappointed. I have searched the internet for three days looking for information about replacing the front window motors on my 89 LX Sport...
  7. S

    Passenger Window Wont Go Up?

    Id post this in the 4.6 tech specifics, but its not specific to the v8s. I figured id get more traffic and better help here. Anyway, ive looked around and found some good threads on how to test what and to figure out what part could be bad. After testing everything, im still stumped. My...
  8. W

    Passenger Window Won't Roll Down

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and I'm in a tight spot. The other day my passenger window just randomly went out neither switches are working and no sound is comin from the passenger window motor. I checked all the fuses and they were fine. I'm assuming it's the motor but I don't want to buy a...
  9. Buddy Tucker

    1995 Power Windows Or Lack Of

    Hello everyone I just got a old 1995 mustang with a 3.8 now I am trying to fix all the problems it has and I am just stumped on this one In the drivers door there's no power to the window switches the door locks work and the passenger side door switch works the window fine but theres no power to...
  10. Jeff Sloan

    Window Crank Problem On 1967 289

    I have a 1967 Mustang coupe, 289. The windows crank up and down, but they won't stay up. Further, they easily open just by pushing down on the top of the window. I have removed the door panels and don't see an obvious problem. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how I can address it?
  11. N

    Help Rear Driver Window Frozen

    I have a 98 gt convertible and the rear driver side window will now go down nor up.. All other 3 windows work fine. (power windows). I checked the back of the switch to make sure all wires were connected and they were and looked fine. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Dondre Richards

    Window Motors No Good??

    The other day my power window on the driver side stopped working. It happened after I came home one day. Rolled it up. Turned off the car. Then I went back in the car so I rolled down the driver window alone and when I tried to roll it back up it didn't. I assumed it would have been because of...