Convertible Rear Water Window 87-93


May 6, 2018
Hi - Does anyone know where one can get the rubber stopper that goes in the bracket for the rear quarter window of fox body convertible.
You can buy the replacement guide rod bracket but nobody seems to have this rubber stop. It is the most important part....forget about what the restoration videos show (the one I looked at didn't even show the stop)....the stop is the most important and in the Ford repair manual is the first thing to check for any problem with that rear quarter window.
The used ones generally have that stop ripped off or just hanging there....
Anyone know where to buy a new one of these stops ?
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Mar 13, 2019
Pittsburgh PA
Hi - it mentions it a lot in the manual I have - Ford Repair manual . It is the first step of any adjustment

I'm gonna dredge up an old thread. The Ford manual does say the upstop is important but apparently doesn't exist at any resto houses unless I missed it somewhere. I know mine is missing on my car and on other Fox 'verts too.