'00 GT left half of gauge pod doesnt work


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Dec 30, 2007
hey all

my dads 2000 GT has an interesting issue. The left half of the gauge pod doesnt work. That includes the coolant temp, fuel level, and speedo gauges, all reading 0.

Is this a fuse or something more serious? thanks
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it would mean alot to me if someone could point me in the right direction so that i can save my dad the $1.2 million a dealer or shop would charge to hunt down these electrical gremlins.
no i havent. mostly because its my dads car and he drives it to work everyday, and partly because its one of those new fangled machines thats impossible to take apart, unlike my good ol (busted) 5.0....

does the dash pad lift off from the top, or what?
there are two screws right under the top lip of the dashboard. Use the first picture for reference. disregard the night picture!:

remove those and just with your hand remove the bezel. this will expose the screws holding in the cluster itself. unscrew them and youre pretty much set from there

i dont remember anythign too difficult. should take no more than 5 min to take out
don't forget to remove the headlight switch(which should be the hardest part, at least for me it was :) )

i think i was able to get the pod out without having to mess with the light switch.

if not you just take it off by lifting up on the tab that holds it on.

its tricky at first but its no big deal

thanks for adding that, i forgot about the knob:nice: