00GT for a 97 Cobra?


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Nov 14, 2003
This will probably get moved... hoping for some quick advice/responses here from Tech.

There’s a 97 Cobra here at a ford dealer, that I have not seen yet (noticed it in the paper this weekend), they are asking 11k for it. I guess my question(s) are, what kind of mileage would be too much for this price range and should I expect it to have been driven hard for this price.

I currently have a 00GT 5spd with 48k on the clock. It’s in Very Nice condition with leather, trac-control, etc. Considering going down and taking a closer look at the Cobra and possibly working a trade-in for it but can’t help wondering for that price if I should even bother.

I know I haven’t given much info to go on here but any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I trade in a 00GT in great condition for a 97 Cobra?

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Don't know. Faced the same problem a month ago (99 GT to 98 Cobra) and decided to keep my car because I prefer the body style.

The 4V definitely has more potential though...
I definitely agree with trade up, not down. :nice:
Honestly the only reason the thought crossed my mind is because I just picked up this GT last year and could get into the Cobra for no more than I’m paying now monthly. Thinking... another year of payments on the Cobra might help me out in trading up to a Mach1 or newer Cobra, rather than trying to get the best deal I can on a GT for a Mach or Cobra a year from now.

Just found out the 97 Cobra has 103k on the clock.

Thanks for the opinions,
I traded my 96GT for a 93 cobra did I go down.Cobra will always be a cobra if you like it buy it It depends on what you want to do with the car.The GT has more streetable torque but the cobra has great top end.The downside is the cobra is older but if you have funds to maintain it buy it.I bought a 03 GT because the cobra wouldnt pass emissions.I went off the deep end and modded it .Cam, blower,headers.(11.70 at 116).now I drive a good daily driver.You could look into anew car if you have the funds. :nice: