01 v6 very dash wiring issue

Hey y'all, long time member/stalker, here on the west side of San Antonio (just outside Lackland) first time poster....I started with an '03 v6 with the pony package, but sucked water up the intake.
I was lucky enough to pick up an 01 convertible for $500! Of course, it wasn't in the best condition. The kid I got it from had it as a project with his dad, yet neither were mechanically inclined. It limped home and has been an ongoing work in progress.
To date, I've changed:
the top (picked up a replacement for $100!),
the engine bay wiring harness,
the headlights for the halos from the '04,
the AC compressor,
the fuel rail,
the upper and lower intakes with gaskets,
both heads and head gaskets,
a piston,
the throttle body,
the O2 sensors,
the exhaust manifold,
the egr, pcv,
the ignition coil, wires, and plugs,
the cylinder head temperature sensor,
and put in a cold air intake.

Because of the new top being black where the original was tan, I've also changed up the interior. Including:
the visors,
the seatbelts,
door panels,
carpet (which I dyed myself),
front kick panels,
door trim,
center console,
and the dash.

These are all black or grey now. The available parts cars were not verts, so I painted the front column trim on both sides as well as the back seat quarter panels the steering wheel and the front and rear seats. Other than the seats, these are all black or grey as well. With the seats, I had to go straight up white.
Now, that said, I've got a problem with my dash wiring harness. If anyone has actual photos of the connections on an 01 base 3.8 very, you'd be my freaking hero.
The issues:
1) instrument cluster does not illuminate when headlights are on;
2) both turn signal indicators in the gauge cluster flash fast like a bulb is out, but all bulbs are good;
3) even though blinker bulbs are all good, front passenger side will not come on (tested bulb by switching with driver's side);
4) radio comes on, but there is no sound emitted from speakers;
5) airbag light will not go off;
6) engine surges rythmiclly when ac is on and ac compressor does a continuous start/stop (this one's been ongoing from purchase).
When I replaced the dash, I switched the entire thing rather than mess with too much wiring, but had to add a couple connections and switch a couple pigtails. I've clean up the original harness and am going to put it back on, but the problem (and why I tried doing it differently) is that some of the wires came loose from the pinned connectors, hence my request for images.
And there's a random connector just dangling in the driver's foot well (barely off the firewall connection).
Sorry for such a long first post, (I'll also toss the question into the tech forum). Any help would be appreciated!
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If this were my car I would check the ground behind the center console. This ground is shared by multiple modules including the cluster, radio and several others. The cluster ground wires are black or black with a white strip.. Use a test light that will "load" the circuit.

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I did, grounds are good. I ended up repulling the dash and reinstalling the original harness,
I've also swapped the multifunction switch and headlight switch, checked all fuses and major grounds.
All issues are the same, and I discovered my headlights are only working as regular, the brights are not engaging.
I think my next task is having the alternator checked.
Am I at least on the right path?!
discovered my headlights are only working as regular, the brights are not engaging
There's a separate fuse for the brights. Just wondering. How did you check all of your fuses? Did you just "look at them" or did you check with a test light that will "load' the circuit? One of the other benefits of testing with a test light is this confirms there's is actual power coming into the fuse as well as power exiting.

IMO you have way too many issues to try an trouble shoot as a common cause. Suggest picking one issue and trouble shooting that one issue all the way through.

Do you have a set of Ford Factory wiring diagrams? If not, consider a subscription to AllDataDIY.com.

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