1. 9

    headlights under load

    84 351w any ideas why headlights would dim when i give it gas? altenator?
  2. Project_2v_

    P1237 fuel pump secondary circuit fault

    Hey guys I have a a 2002 mustang gt. it’s FBO WITH TRICKFLOW STAGE 2 CAMS. Dyno tuned. I’m running into some fuel problems I guess and with that code I also have a random misfire which is P0300. I’m hoping to see if the p1237 code is the reason why I’m misfiring. Already did spark plugs with...
  3. 93CalypsoConvert

    79' Electrical Issues

    Well one fox just wasn't enough. I recently picked up a 79 5.0 notch that has been sitting in a field for 21 years. I've got it running and yard driving, but I'm having some electrical issues. The first is ignition. I must hot wire the coil in order to keep it running. It gets +12 while...
  4. M


    Hey yall, came across a problem with the taillights and fog lights. For some reason when looking at my taillights, my turn signals work, my brake lights work, but when I turn my headlights on, my taillights fail to turn on. Is there a reason why everything works up until I turn my headlights on...
  5. R

    Electrical Fox Body Fuel Pump Issues

    Hey everyone! new here, just recently bought a 1990 Fox Body lx hatch with a 5.0. The cars engine was blown up and then replaced with another 5.0 by a shop, but the shop couldn't get it running/customer couldn't afford more labor to fix it. they were suspect of the ecu so I popped it open, found...
  6. A

    Electrical '89 GT Fast Drain of Battery - Battery Won't Charge When Connected

    I have an 89 GT 5.0 vert that to this point has had very few problems. I recently drove the car, then parked it for 20 minutes and the battery was completely dead. I replaced the battery and found it ran great again until I parked it overnight and the battery was dead again the next morning...
  7. J

    2004 GT Dash Indicator Question..

    First off, I'd like to say I'm a new Mustang owner and I FINALLY HAVE MY DREAM CAR! But being a new stang owner, I am trying to learn everything 101 I can about my 2004 GT. One thing I can't find (or maybe I'm not looking around deep enough) is What dash indicators should I be seeing when my...
  8. A

    01 Gt no start

    Alright guys I’m beating my head on a wall. I just finished up converting my 01 GT from a auto (40r70w) to a manual (tr3650). Tried to start it up and nothing. Original though was that it was the neutral safety switch so I looped the wires (gonna install remote start down the road so I’d have to...
  9. Alldegree

    Electrical 86 door switch wiring?

    This is a branch from my main progress thread here. I decided to start a dedicated thread for this problem to try and reach some more people with it. I feel like I’m really close to getting this but I think I’m missing some key knowledge. I’m having a rough time getting a couple of switches...
  10. B

    1980 foxbody - pressing switch for high beams causing engine to cut out

    I've been chasing an issue ive been having with my 1980 mercury capri (four eye fox) with an 87 302 swapped in . As the title states most times when I press pull the stock back for the high beams the vehicles voltage drops and causes the engine to either almost or completely stall. This happens...
  11. thatblackfoxbody

    Electrical 1990 - 1993 Clockspring Information and Repair

    Hey all, I am making this post to hopefully gain some insight and spread some knowledge about the clocksprings for the 1990-1993 Mustangs. I posted this same thing to reddit, but not sure if this will gain more traction here. I have a 1993 LX, and my clockspring gave out a few years ago or so...
  12. Nick Bos

    Horn Contacts help I'm desperate

    I have a 1970 ford coupe with a stock column. I found out my horn wasn't working so I took a look at the turn signal switch and found out that the copper horn contact was completely eroded away. I'm including pictures below of the copper contact I'm referring to. I took out the old copper horn...
  13. T

    Electrical 88 foxbody vert Ignition help!

    Hey guys! I'm fairly new here. I have a 1988 2.3 fox vert with 44,xxx miles. She is my daily driver, and one day, while driving, my convertible top motor, ac unit, and blinkers went out (but not the hazards). So I am 17, and figured maybe I could fix it myself. Upon some research, I saw that...
  14. 7991LXnSHO

    Progress Thread Goofy fuel gauge on slow progress

    After being here and owning my current Mustang for 10 years, I realize it would have been good to have a slow progress thread to keep track of what was done and ideas that need done. Searching through old posts works, but putting them in one spot would have been helpful. Pictures will follow if...
  15. 0

    No AC/Heat, reverse lights, speedo, or odometer after intake install.

    2 days ago I decided to go ahead and tackle my leaky intake manifold. Install was smooth, no hiccups. No more coolant leak, yes! But now I’m left with no reverse lights, no speed, odometer just shows dashes (- - - - -) <just like that, and no heat or air (only defrost). Everything on the car...
  16. B

    1986 3.8L alternator upgrade

    Hello all, I've got a 1986 3.8L Convertible Mustang LX that I'm looking to upgrade the alternator on. I'm not looking to do a 5.0 swap on it, but want to update the alternator with a 3G one. I've found a couple of different ones online but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring. I'm not...
  17. J

    Electrical 92 LX headlight switch and turn signal switch acting funky

    Currently towards the end of my project here on my 92 LX. Over the course of the year I dropped a 5.0 T5 setup in it. Right now I’m in the stages of finishing touches, and just wired my fan up today. Me being me, I decided to see if my gauge lights would turn on. (Now mind you, my front end is...
  18. MLB

    Lots of sensor errors

    Hi folks, I had an 06 Mustang V6 for a bunch of years, and in May, found myself the 09 GT I'd been longing for. 31k miles, everything works perfectly. Terrific car. Today is the first issue though: I got about a couple hundred yards down the road and the low oil pressure warning goes off...
  19. M

    Not sure where to ask -HELP - Electrical Issues with 2005 mustang, was headlights and now wipers also random radio coming on without keys

    We got it for my daughter in Feb and instantly spent $1500 on fixing wiring. The headlights do not work on high if they are turned on. Low beams work but when you click to turn high they go off completely. After $1500 that still doesn't work correctly but enough to get by.... The wipers went...
  20. S

    Ac clutch not getting 12 volts.

    Hi my compressor clutch is not engaging. I checked the low pressure switch and 12v there I then checked the high pressure switch and there was 12v there too. I’m not getting any power to the clutch. im leaning towards ccrm. Any help? Car is a 99 gt