03/04 Cobra Lip on an 01???


New Member
Apr 11, 2004
Weymouth, MA
Whats up, just looking to see if it is possible that the front lip on the 03/04 cobra's will fit onto my 01 cobra??? I know the mach 1 lip fits but leaves a 1 inch gap on both back sides, I do like that style better, but was just wondering if the 03/04 lip would fit on an 01. Or would I have to replace the entire front fender, in which case, I am no wondering if an 03/04 Fender would fit on to an 01 cobra with no problems much like the 03/04 bumper can fit onto the 01??? AND NOW...if this is all possible, where is a good place to find a deal on the fender or the lip? Thanks.
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