04 gt 2v stater mods

i just bought a 04 gt 5 speed 64,000 miles. a few weeks ago for my wife to have a fun weekend toy. i know most of the stuff for my 5.0 but i'm new to the 4.6 and what it responds to. i been reading a lot of the sticky s but i wanted to post this and get some answers.

the car was bought with a catback and i have now taken out the air slicer and put in a k and n drop in filter. but whats next i was thinking about a t.b. and plenum?
what other bolt on's do you guys suggest?

i'm waiting on gears as i know i need a tunner with it. we also want to keep running 87 octane (for now) we also plain on supercharging it at SOME point.
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Mar 30, 2005
Here are a couple great starter mods:
-preventative maintenance
-learning about mods
-preventative maintenance
-studying mods
-preventative maintenance
-planning mods
-preventative maintenance
-more cleaning
get rid of that stock

mid pipe and pick up an h or x pipe with not cats if you don't have emissions testing, or a catted one if you do.

after that i would do the 4.10 or 3.73 gears and pick up an sct tuner from amercianmuscle while you are at it because you get free tunes for life from bama chips. Plus you will need the tuner anyways for any other mods you do to get he most out of them and to have the car run right.

also i wouldn't worry about a tb or plenum just yet.

pick up some lowering springs, [email protected],eibach,bbk,ford c springs, vogtland.....are all very nice, do shocks and struts at the sametime....bilsteins are extremely nice, tokico are a good midlevel set up, if you are on a budget kyb gr2's are very good for the money. if you drop 2 inches or more pick up some caster camber plates as well, I myself don't think they are needed for a drop less than 2 inches, but some will disagree.

a nice set of wheels also helps get 17x9 with 275/40/17 tires for the front and 17x10.5 with 315/35/17 for the back, or 18x9 for front with 275/35/18 and 18x10 for back with 295/35/18.

subframe connectors will also help a great deal and keep the car going straight.

you already have a good set of h/c/i on the car from the factory and they don't have to be changed. if you wanna cam it tho I have saw with my own eyes a few 99-04 gt's that with hitech stage2 cams and just a few bolt ons reach 290-300hp alone, if you go the route though you may have to get it dyno tuned as well.

underdrive pulleys are also a great edition to get rid of some of that engine lag.

man the possibilities are endless as to what you can do to these cars.


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Nov 22, 2001
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Don't bother with a TB and plenum. Get your exhaust on it, a CAI, gears, UDP's, and a tune. IF you can afford L/T's throw some BBK's on there.

If you supercharge it the UDP's will have to come back off so keep your stockers.


Mar 31, 2005
decent tuner , 3.7s , long tube headers then cams , everything else is wasting time and money if your supercharging it , depending on roots or centri blower , you can either get a cai , or just wait for supercharger and get a boost pipe from Anderson ^^


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Apr 26, 2010
Hea man. Id say a CAI, O.R. X pipe FOR SURE!!, and a set of flowmasters. A 3.73, UDP, and a set of headers.
If you want to go the heads and cams route Id say trick flow heads, .550 lift cams with 228-230 duration, TFS trackheat intake, and an SCT X3.