07 Mustang GT

Hi all,

Long time lurker / first time poster.

Back in 2007 I bought myself a P3 Windveil Blue with beige interior car that #208 of 1419 made in this configuration in 2007. It was the premium package with 17" bullet rims, rolled tip dual exhaust, hood scoop, shaker 500 and MyColor dash display.

13 years and 36000 miles later I've still got it :)

Over the years I've done various things to it:
  • Matte black superstripe stripe kit
  • Center fog light grill
  • Stubby radio antenna
  • 3d Carbon Boy Racer spoiler
  • Axle-back Borla Stinger (aggressive) dual exhausts
  • Pypes off road x-pipe
  • Pypes high performance cats, converts x-pipe to street legal
  • C&L Racer Intake
  • PowerAid Throttle Body Space
  • Brenspeed 93 octane tune
  • Blue LED interior lights
  • Black gas gap
  • Steeda strut brace
  • LED headlight / fog lights
  • Front bumper lip kit
  • Fog / tail light tinted
  • Sequential taillights
But after a family and house and putting less than 200 miles a year on the car my interest in it was limited, when you combine this with the parts that need replacing / painting / etc. I had reached the point of thinking about selling it :(

These last few weeks I've been going through the parts sitting around in my garage and figuring out what I can install myself, what I will need some advice on and what I will need someone to install for me. My plans for the year are get the lowering springs installed, get new wheels / tires, get the rear bumper repainted, fix the drivers side door card and then focus on something big like a body kit.

I'm really enjoying getting my hands dirty with the car again and am excited to back in a forum community where I can get advice and input on what to do next.



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Well, glad that you started to post. Love what you have done so far and Welcome to the group.

When you get the next project figured out and need some questions answered, reach out to us. The answer may be more simple than you think, or a video of someone already having the steps laid out for you. Useless.... I mean highly Technical information is always offered here.
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