12's on the bottle?


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Feb 12, 2002
I was wondering if I could make it into the 12's with the mods listed in my signature and the 100 HP "Dry" kit I just ordered? i will be putting a 255 lph intake pump in when I install the kit.
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I had about the same mods as you w/ stock 19 inj. stock heads, rockers and a 5 spd vert and ran 12.78 @ 109 at Cecil county last August on Nitto Extreme 285's street tires spraying a 100 dry shot.
If you hook good and get nice 60's you are there all day. :nice:
with a stock motor t-body to oil pan, pullies, msd digital6+, K&N,3.73, cat back, and flow tech shorty unequal length headers, a 125 shot (wet). I went 13.1 @ 107 with a very trac. limited 60ft.

That is mph enough for a 12, and you have better heads than I did at that time. There should not be too much of a problem with that goal.