13 hr labor to swap gears?

May 15, 2018
Pensacola FL
I have a 2018 gt 6 speed, stock gears looking to swap to 3.73 or possibly 4.10 . I was told at the shop that it calls for 13 hours labor for the swap and cost would be accordingly. Has anyone made a gear swap and if so what was the labor time? Its a weekend street toy not a highway cruiser what are your opinions on the 3.73 vs 4.10 for my street car? I bought the car and came offshore the following day so haven't had any time with it yet, I'm not sure what the factory ratio is, i read conflicting info for the 2018.(i believe 3.31?) Its a base GT. Only upgrades will be magnaflo cat back, Jlt cai, short throw shifter, and Jms tune. Now that 4th gear is 1.0 instead of 5th gear and basically having two overdrive gears now on the 18 model 6 speed would the 4.10 gears be more acceptable? Thanks for your opinions.
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Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
I can under stand the 13 hrs part, remember the new mustangs all have IRS. You have to drop the rear cradle, pull the half shafts, then get the center section out, take it apart to change the gears, then put it all back together. combine the 13 hrs of labor with the cost of parts and you could be looking at a huge bill just for gears. Ford racing sells a loaded center section with 3.55 gears and a trac-loc diff ready to bolt in to any S 550 mustang and it will save you a ton of labor.