130amp Alternator?


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May 12, 2004
Fresno CA
Im trying to add up all the amps used in my 68 mustang. I can figure out the amps on the aftermarket parts I've installed, but some of the stock ones I dont know.
does anyone know the amp draw for the following:
interior dome lights
heater motor
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I posted a day or two the wire diagram for a 68 in another tread.

Ahh never mind I will just put it here hope this helps.





Checkout www.powermastermotorsports.com, they have a small chart somewhere on the website that will show roughly what your lights, heater, ect will draw but if you have a modern stereo, msd and more to come, its definately time to upgrade your stocker alt. anyway as they are rated at apprx. 65 amp max. . I just ordered the Powermaster #277711 (130amp+, internal reg, 1 wire, 3G & polished) from Jegs. It's the same one featured in Mustang Monthly this month. I just put an amp in my stang that draws 70amp and I wanted to buy an alternator for the first and last time.

paperformance.com is another one folks around here mention but I don't know that much about them but they do have a lifetime warrnaty.
Get a 1-wire variety and simply hook the high-amp alternator up to the B+ only and you shouldn't have to worry about the stock wiring. Of course if you are drawing that many amps to your accessories you have hopefully upgraded all of those circuits already...right?
yes, everything is upgraded with painless wireing.
I currently have a ford motorsport 90amp racing alternator, but not enough at idle for all my acc. elec. fan, stereo, amp, sequencing tail lights,MSD, elec. fuel pump etc.etc.

should end up going with 140amp.or 200amp ,looking towards powermaster.

thanks for the fast replys