16x8 wheels, or 16" in general? Show me your tires!


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Dec 31, 2004
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Hey all, (re-posted from VMF, where I didn't get any replies w/pics)
Sorry for all the gratuitous tech below, but I'm thinking out loud too and this might help other for reference when searching. Just post your 16x8 tire pics and specs! Looking for performance tire options for a 16x8 wheel for a '68 Mustang, 4.5bs on the wheels and any more would hit my UCA on the front. It looks like the closest to the original 26.1 (or so) inch tire according to this article:

Beset Ford Mustang Tires - Sizing - Mustang Monthly Magazine

would be something like this 235/50R16. I know 235/55R16 would be closer to the original diameter but tire selection isn't as good.

16 Inch Toyo Proxes T1R Tires - Tire Size & Price Details - 1010tires.com

245/50R16 would be closer, at 25.6" diameter, tire selection is good, but 245s might be a real tough fit on the back and I wouldn't be able to rotate tires as 245 on the front would be a VERY tough fit.

Tire Search Results

And here's a nice wheel calculator for reference - even has images for proportion. It looks like a 235/50/R16 would be about 3.9% smaller in diameter. That would help me NOT get tickets, lol. Smaller is better than larger because the speedo underreports your speed.

Tire size calculator
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Apr 18, 2005
16x7 wheels, 4.75" backspacing. Grand Marquis Sport wheels. 225-60R16 tires.



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Sep 12, 2009
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The Grand Marquis wheels seem like a good choice for the Cougar. I've thought about getting some for my '67 Mustang but I also like the late model Bullitt wheels which are available for about the same price. Running Bullitts though would require an adapter/spacer. I guess the 16" Grand Marquis rims can work with no spacer, but not sure.