1965/6 18" Wheel Clearance On Turning.

Recent thread asked about large tyres rubbing on turning on early Stangs.

A simple (Redneck) solution to wheels rubbing on turning with larger diameter wheels on 1965 and 1966 Mustangs is to pump the lower part of the front fender.

The fender is reasonably flexible but will need a simple stay to hold it in place.

Inner end picks up the front Bumper Bracket but you will need a hole in the bottom of the fender for the outer end of the stay. Finished this end of with a stainless button head cap screw or painted it body colour..

Very hard to see unless you get down level with it




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another good trick is at the bottom of the fender behind the wheel opening.a 65 -66 fender only has one bolt at the bottom and the fender can move in and out at the tire .take a 67 bracket ,the L shaped one that bolts on the torque box .it will bolt on a 65 -66 as well and drill a hole at the bottom of the fender so it lines up with the bracket and use a button head screw there as well.it will help keep the fender door gap aligned .