1. 91_Boostednotch

    Engine Cam ID HelP!!!!

    This camshaft was removed from my 302 and I have been unable to find any information on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have called COMP and they were unable to tell me anything. Thanks in advance!!! Some of the numbers are the following 0019SS, 201824, 449358, 44-07-01
  2. bclark009

    Misfiring issue

    I have a ‘65 coupe with a ‘91 5.0 that has an edelbrock carb and pertronix distributor and coil. It’s been running fine the last couple years from when I did the engine swap. Recently it started getting a small random miss, and under harder acceleration it seems like Almost the entire engine is...
  3. 1977 Ghia 302w

    1977 Ghia 302w

    My '77 Emerald Glow Ghia w/ 302w C4
  4. N

    foxbody microsquirt no start

    I'm having some trouble with my new microsquirt install. Setup is a stock 302 with a mild cam (I'm guessing e303) and 1.7 rockers. I was able to get it running yesterday and it fired up several times no problem and ran very smoothly. I started messing with the idle and calibrated the tps, but...
  5. D


    There was clacking under my valve cover took it off and some of the rockers were loose so I bought all new pushrods,lifters, and valve springs all stock sizes . Putting it back together everything is torqued but all the rockers are loose except for the ones with the lifters that are fully pushed...
  6. B

    Engine Cylinder #8 header glowing red after rebuild?

    Hey all! I'm new here, and I'm sure its been spoke about but I have a 84 fox with a carbureted 87 5.0. I'm a little new to cars and just rebuilt the engine. Stock bottom end with TFS2 cam and gt40p heads. Upon the first start up, we let it run for a minute or so and noticed that the cylinder...
  7. 93CalypsoConvert

    Engine Help with stubborn misfire.

    Hello, I am running out of ideas trying to solve a stubborn misfire. I have a rebuilt carburated 302 running a light cam, but is otherwise stock. Problem is I am getting a fairly severe misfire at 0-25% throttle. Only misses while under load, no miss out of gear. This problem started a few days...
  8. 1


    Hey guys, new to the forum. Ive followed this forum for 2 years without making a account and have always been able to find useful information however, this time I need more in depth help. Im carburetor swapping my 1995 gt and i have the carb mounted, intake swapped, fuel pump deleted in the...
  9. Nick81

    SN95 Help*** 94 mustang gt 5.0l rebuild

    Hey im new to the forum i seen a lot of helpful questions and answers here so i figure id give this a try hopefully you guys can help me find something i over looked I rebuilt the motor on my sn95 everything on the car worked before the the rebuild and now it will just crank over Im not...
  10. M

    1985 Mercury Capri 302 5.0L cranks but wont start

    Long story short the car sat from 2005-Now in 2020. i got it to start but it would not idle so i took apart the carb and put new floats in. when i put the carb back in the car did not have spark. Here is a list of all the parts ive replaced. Spark plugs Coil Ignition module Ignition Switch...
  11. Nick Bos

    Starter gear doesn’t engage fully with flexplate

    1970 mustang 302 c4 stock. So my car recently left me stranded when it wouldn’t turn over. So the starter basically just “screams” and the engine doesn’t turn. We looked at the bendix meshing the flexplate and the bendix comes out, hits the face of the flex plate (it makes a very short “tap”...
  12. M

    Ford Mexican Mustang 302 Motor For Sale 70-74' with Airtubes

    Located in Rowlett, TX - Ford Mexican Mustang 302 with Airtubes $600 obo
  13. Foxbody1988

    Engine Camshaft questions and supercharger

    Want to slap a supercharger on my 1988 foxbody but I have some questions. i have a Crower stage 3 camshaft. Specs Lobe Separation of112 Intake lift .112 Exhaust lift .131 I got it from a buddy, and I was doing some research on it and I noticed it said not compatible with computer controller...
  14. A

    Need help identifying engine

    Hey boys I recently got an 85 lx with a “69 boss 302” engine in it I just want to fact check that and I’m not sure how exactly. Casting number is C80E-6015. Thanks
  15. 8

    Engine 302 block with a 355 stroker, would these internals work in a 351w

    Over the winter i am going to swap a 351W into my fox, currently i have a 302 motor stroked out to 355 (probe stroker kit) I am just curious if any of my current forged internals will work with a 351W. Here is my motor build list. Thanks for the help! Build list: Edlebrock e street heads 170...
  16. 91mustanglxcoupe

    89 Mustang MS3 gold box tuner studio idle control and injector dead time

    I have a 89 mustang with SBF 302 with GT40P heads and Vortech V1 blower at 10psi and running the ms3 gold box with tuner studio. In the idle control section I'm trying to find out what the valve mode is supposed to be set at inverted or normal for a stock IAC valve. Idle valve type is set at PWM...
  17. 8

    Engine Piston Identification Help(Roller 5.0)

    Hey there guys, new to the forum. Excited to be here. A little bit of a back story in the situation. I have a 1983 convertible 5.0 4 speed. I bought the car about 9 months ago. Drove it 50 miles and the engine became off balance and insisted on dying unless under heavy throttle. Did my first...
  18. mattbaker302

    help with timing

    okay, so I just swapped the intake on my 71 302 and put an Edelbrock 4 bbl on it. I've got my timing light out and ready to go but have no idea how to use it, it has a dial on the back. I have only 1 mark on my balancer at top dead center. I need to tune the carb but wanna time it first. I'm 16...
  19. 1

    For Sale 302 with T5 World Class Transmission (350 HP) (MD) $5500 OBO

    Hello, I have a 302 mated to a T5 world class 5 speed transmission that had roughly 1000 miles before the car was wrecked. Everything on the engine was new when it was built. I will include a picture of the build parts. Its under an engine hoist ready to go and be dropped into your muscle car...
  20. C

    Engine (Problem) Converting 1987 fox to carbed setup

    I recently have converted my 1987 speed density fox to a carbureted setup with gt40 heads, tfs1 cam, weiand stealth dual plane intake, and a 600 edelbrock carb. the car idles fine and seems to rev up smooth. The problem is once the car is under load like going down the street it seems to be...