1969 AC switch wiring Help

Feb 10, 2019
Hey guys, new member here looking for some help.

Installing an American Auto Wire wiring harnass on my 69 Mach 1

unfortunately i did not take the old harnass off, so looking for a little help.

the attached pictures are for the dash heat and AC controls. The small brown switch with 3 male electrical connections switches on the AC, however i dont know where the wires round to. i imagine the single side male connecter or one of the two doubles goes to the AC clutch, but where does the others go to?

thanks yall


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Nov 18, 2002
Cape Cod, Ma.
The microswitch is a single pole double throw switch, in one direction it connects the single terminal to one of the other 2, in the second position it connects the single terminal to the other of the 2 terminals, so your power wire will go to the single terminal and your clutch wire will go to one of the other 2, if you chose the wrong terminal it will turn on the clutch when you want it off and vise versa, so if you don't have a meter to check it just hook it up using either of the 2 and swap it if you got it wrong.

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