1969 Front fender Apron measurements

Hello everyone! I have a 69 mach 1 and I am in the process of replacing the front fender aprons that were crinkled in an accident long ago. I bought some reproduction fender aprons and have them here with me. When I compared the measurements from my original apron to the reproductions, the measurements are way off. Yes, like I said, my original apron is crinkled. However the areas that are not affected are from the two oval/square holes left of the vin # to the holes further to the right of the vin. This distance is measuring 1/8" longer on the reproduction apron. Also, below the vin where the apron folds into a 90 degree bend, the metal is longer by 1/8" as well. In other words... from the lower edge of the square/oval hole right above the vin number to the bent edge, the reproduction apron, the repro is 1/8" wider. My OCD isnt having this. My question to you guys is: can anyone provide fender apron measurements from hole to hole as well as hole to bent edge? Here are some pics of my repro left front apron. Notice how the original measures in at 7/8" just below the vin # and the reproduction measures at 1" exact. I have a few good measurements but for the most part the aprons are too crinkled from the accident. Thanks guys!


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The fender bolt holes truly don't matter. Maybe if you are going concours restoration...but if you are doing that, you aren't using repop stuff anyway. The fenders cover those holes and the fender nuts have enough adjustment you don't run into any problems during assembly. I don't have a '69 though so I am pretty sure all the aprons are different from 65-66 and from 67-69(maybe 70?)