Drivetrain 1974 v6 to v8 swap questions


Aug 21, 2017
So im gonna be pulling my cologne out and putting in a 302 from a fox body. I've gone through a bunch of posts on this a few times but wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.
I know most say to brace the frame, ok I can do that.
I know the frame mounts are hard to come by so we're gonna try away around that like a cradle or something.
Found a few bellhousings so I can keep my 4speed (no I'm not swapping transmissions)
But am I gonna run I to a problem with driveshaft length? This is my main concern. There aren't any driveshaft places near me unless I wanna go to st. Louis, which I dont want to do as Im not a fan of that city. I could be wrong but I'm assuming it might be the same length as the other II's?
Thanks in advance
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Dec 6, 2005
Marietta, Ga
You're planning on keeping the 4 speed that was originally behind the 6 - am I understanding you correctly? If so, I think the tailshaft is a different length vs a 302 transmission. So depending on where the rear of your engine ends up compared to where the 6 was AND if there is any difference in the depth of the bell housing, that would all be a factor if your shaft needs shortened. It will also dictate where the shifter comes through the floor, where the mount ends up in relation to the transmission cross member and pilot bearing engagement. I have never installed a 4 speed from anything other than another 8 cylinder car into mine, so I don't have any solid answers for you.

How close to the Quad Cities are you? Sadler's does driveshaft work, I had them work on a driveshaft for me eons ago, did a great job.....


Aug 21, 2017
Well that kinda puts a wrench in things. One reason I wanna keep the 4speed other than I rather enjoy it is around where I live 302s with transmissions go from 100-300 or so for an engine to 2000+ when mated with a transmission. Finally found someone that had a 302 in pieces which is what I wanted to do so I could rebuild it. The mustang scene in southern illinois is weak lol
I'm quite a distance from the quad cities I believe. I live in the tail end of illinois


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Jun 19, 2003
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Go T5, you will not regret it! You can get a Quicktime bell housing and aftermarket dual hump trans bracket designed for the II as well. Not sure on V6 to V8 drive shaft lengths. I have a 74 V6 Ghia and have been thinking about a V8 swap too, but I bought a King Cobra and did the T5 swap for the V8 fun! (Driveshaft was a direct fit for the T5) The Ghia is more for slow cruising now, lol