1979 mustang GT makeover

I have just purchased a 1979 mustang GT and the car also comes with a 1990 GT body kit. I was wondering how hard would it be to change over the 1979 to make it look like a 1990? I pretty much have everything to do this, just want to know if any special tools are involved with this and how hard it would be.
Thanks in advance
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PLEASE! I beg you, do NOT do this. You might as well get a Honda Civic covered in Type-R decals because it's the same premise: You're making a look like something it isn't. On top of that, 4eyes are getting really hard to find these days. Why not have something that's unique and stands out, instead of something that looks like what everyone else has?
Why not turn it into a fake '79 Cobra? It'll get you many more looks than a standard '90 aero conversion. All the decals are still available and I GUARANTEE that you will get noticed wherever you go. How do I know this? Take a look below. :D The only problem that I see, is that some idiots may make comments because it's not a REAL Cobra. But, I wouldn't worry about those people, as nowadays, everyone personalizes their cars to their own liking.




Hissing that is one sweet car, I've always had a thing for the four eyed freaks, my first mustang was an 86 4cyl. that I did a V8 conversion. I would say keep the car the way it is, cars like my 87 are very common, clean four eyes are just cool but hard to find
Thanks! I personally was toying with the idea of NOT putting the decal on the hood because I thought that it was silly looking (even though it came from FORD that way.) I'm now glad that I did, because I get a lot of comments about how cool looking it is.
Yeah, I'd definately leave it with the original nose. Once you tear into it, you'll find there are going to be a lot of little problems with converting it, wiring headaches, bracketry, etc. The cowl also won't line up with a later model hood. And the interior would look off too. Like hissing said, a 79 Cobra clone would be way cooler.
monsterstang70 said:
lol i would've bought a 87-93 car but with this car the pric was right and i am gettin all the parts with it so im lik hell yeh, ill do it lol

Well if you want to look like an escort go ahead and make the change, but dont destroy the parts so that someone that wants a good looking front end and needs the parts can have them. But what should do is just leave the car as it is and preserve it!
'85 SVO :drool:

If you make that car look like a newer year, then you just killed the very few 1979 Mustangs that are left. I hate it when I see old muscle cars detroyed in movies, because it's stupid, and trashes a perfectly good, priceless vehicle. If you still want to do it, then none of us will be able to stop you, but don't come here and ask for help. :nonono:
Thanks guys, IMO the 4 eyed mustangs just look meaner especially when you update them with 16 or 17" wheels. Im lowering the back of that car soon to level it out, I like that road coarse racer look that the car has.