1990 302 Efi First Startup Issues


Jul 16, 2011
Hi guys, just installed and rebuilt a foxbody 302 efi from a 1990 mustang and dropped it in a 68 mustang. I left the motor stock except for for an e303 cam. I added a new stock flywheel and clutch. I had the t5 and had been using it before. I started up the car and noticed vibration in or on the t5 at idle. So i added some fluid(atf), since it had lost fluid when i droped the trans. I drove it around the block and motor seems not to accelerate even though rpms seem alittle high. At fifth gear the car begins to have alot of vibration. At idle and at fifth the t5 has vibration. I pulled the transmission out during the build and tilted over, dont know if this matters but like for people to have all info. It is a v8 t5, was working properly before i pulled it off motor. All is new, pilot bearing, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and even bolts.

Thanks any info helps
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Do you have the proper balancer and flywheel for the motor? Stock would be 50 oz imbalance for a 1990 motor unless you have changed the crank in the motor for some reason. They make neutral/internal balance and 28 oz imbalance as well. Is it possible the flywheel is wrong?
That would be my first guess as he may not have a "HO" motor/cam. I would try the other firing order for Non HO and see what happens
Op says he installed an E cam which is HO order. I'm wondering if it was a non oh cam before and the firing order is wrong.
Did the trans slide right in or did you have to force it? I have seen a couple instances where the input shaft caught the pilot bearing.