1990 5.0L


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Aug 23, 2018
san diego
I have a 1990 5.0L Roller Motor which i am converting over to carb, today the carb intake arrived and i noticed the rear water cross over was blocked off. i am running stock 1990 heads with different spring, retainers, guide plates and roller rockers. I also noticed on the head there is one hole on each end of the head which tranfers water from the block into the head. The driver side hole is at the back end of head, the passenger head has a hole in front down to the block. Do I need to tap the intake manifold to allow tranfer of fluid from the left to right head?
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The old style carb'd 289/302 didn't ever have a water crossover in the rear. It was always upfront. The intake was blank in the rear, and served as a block off for the water passages that end up in the wrong end ( The heads have water passages at each end regardless, as they can be transposed, whichever way you bolted the heads on, they were always right)
Now......with regard to these extra water holes that you're talking about....maybe a picture would be prudent..