1. Sonic

    Engine Does the image cobra intake fits into 95 Gt ? (Seller doesn’t know which year the intake)

    Hi all, I’ve mustang 95 GT automatic transmission and I’ve found a cobra upper and lower intake, I guess from 1999 cobra (see below images). I wonder is it possible to make swap (does cobra intake fits into 95 GT automatic) - if your answer is yea what I need to buy more? If the answer is no...
  2. L

    Engine 97 mustang gt manual weird idol when off the throttle and coasting in 3rd, 4th, or 5th

    Hello coming to ask for some possible causes for my problem before I keep throwing money at things that don't fix it. The problem I'm having just started recently after my father had to drive my car but before he drove it this had never happened the problem is when ever I'm driving in 3rd, 4th...
  3. CalebIsBrokn

    Drivetrain Whining sound when low gear

    My 1995 mustang 3.8 auto is making a weird whining sound in low gear and idle it's not transmission fluid I have no idea what it's loudest when accelerating only mod I really have is a cherry bomb
  4. 91_Boostednotch

    Progress Thread HP Turbo Notch build

    Hello guys, Recently starting working on my 91 Notch with a older HP turbo kit, SVO heads and a Tremec 3550 transmission. The car is originally from Hawaii and spent some time in Vegas. When I originally bought it was sporting a weld drag pack since I have put on a mores streetable tire setup...
  5. W

    347 EFI Low Power

    Hello everyone, I bought a built 347 stroker from an engine builder not too long ago and after getting it in and getting a Dyno tune I was upset with the power it made. I dynod 325 whp and 365 torque. The torque seems pretty good but being that I have and AOD that only puts me at 380-400 engine...
  6. T

    Engine build help

    Hello I got me a engine out of a 90s f-150 and I’m not sure exactly what year but I was wanting to do a turbo build with it and I’ve heard the stock engine can hold it as long as I’m not over 450 hp if I rebuild the bottom end with the stock crank and pistons and rods and do gt40 heads and an...
  7. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Brand New Lifter Ticking

    I just replaced a questionable lifter from my engine with a Summit Racing SUM-HT220 lifter, and it is ticking. It was soaked in oil overnight before installing. I can very easily press down the lifter by pushing down on the rocker arm. Oil pressure is 19 at hot idle, but that should be more than...
  8. 93CalypsoConvert

    Engine 2000 RPM Vibration

    I've got a vibration between 2000-2400 RPMs that gets worse with clutch engaged. It does it in all gears going any speed, or revving. It gets worse with load too. Not quite sure what it could be. I can feel it the most when I rest my hand on the shifter. Balancer? Clutch plate? Trans input...
  9. S

    For Sale Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband oxygen sensor

    Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband oxygen sensor https://photos.app.goo.gl/NNWNNmxmdLP9n67m6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/zZgX3eewSv4rmwtx8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xwJaHkBAEGu4s7i47 https://photos.app.goo.gl/9ThHeq8HoEZynj8i7 $270 Georgetown, TX This is a brand new, never-used tool. I bought...
  10. S

    For Sale ARP Ring Compressor 4.030" 900-0300

    ARP Ring Compressor 4.030" 900-0300 https://photos.app.goo.gl/QAJsPGKS3ZQ5fSnE6 $50 Georgetown, TX This is a brand new, never-used tool. I bought it new in early 2003 for a project that never materialized. I'm selling all of the parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some...
  11. S

    For Sale All parts from 408 build that never materialized - all brand new! (Georgetown, TX)

    I'm selling all parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some tools and Fox Mustang chassis parts, listed in the appropriate classifieds sections. I bought all of these parts new in late 2002 to early 2003, had the block and crank machined at Arlington Machine Shop, assembled...
  12. Juiced95Stang

    All Who Have Smoothed Engine Bay

    Any tips ....DOs and DONT'S....Main concern is using a filler and it cracking down the road. Done plenty of research, really looking for answers from you guys who have first hand experiance and know what HAS held up for you and what HAS NOT. Thanks!!!
  13. 603mustangs

    What's it Worth? 1993 Cobra Engine

    Does anyone know the value? Engine only, no trans. Milage unknown.
  14. K

    rebuild kit suggestions/help??

    ok SO I have a 91 fox gt and I'm needing to rebuild the engine. I'm curious as to if I need to buy a specific rebuild kit (I may need pistons and the whole shebang) for my year, or if I can use a more popular engine year like 1989. I've looked on summit and CJ pony parts and it seems that...
  15. A

    Engine Turbo 5.0 Mustang bad misfire at WOT

    Hello, I have been having persistent problems since before I replaced the lower intake(about 2 months ago) when flooring it in my turbo fox. The first drive out after replacing the intake I discovered my fuel pump was just hanging in the fuel tank, so I fixed that, and the car ran like a bat out...
  16. H

    Engine Pull the pistons and crank or leave them?

    So pulled motor and tranny. Eventually going turbo but was trying to maintain somewhat of a budget. Cylinders still look good but motor was filthy. So.... do all seals put it back together or pull it apart and do bearings and rings etc. Cranck has zero play. 87 forged internals.
  17. R

    Engine Dreaded exhaust/ fuel smell inside car

    I know this is one of the more common issues with these cars, but it’s driving me absolutely crazy lately. I rebuilt my 302 about 5 years ago, using the gt40p setup. The car runs flawless when I do drive it, which is maybe once a month. Within the last 6 months though there is a noticeable...
  18. C

    Engine misfire during use

    Hey, recently I bought an 04 mustang with the 3.9 v6. It had been parked for about two years so it needed quite a bit of work done to it. I won't talk much about the PCM issue that I had, but once the car started I ended up running into an issue that pretty much made it undrivable. When I would...
  19. H

    Just got a 2000 mustang gt with a seized engine HELP!!

    Hello, I just got a 2000 mustang GT convertible with a 4.6L V8 engine that is seized up to high he11! I was thinking about swapping in a used 4.6L engine into it but I don't know how to swap a engine in general. I'm not looking to spend alot of money on it and I don't know if its worth it to fix...
  20. D

    Progress Thread 2003 mustang gt Rebuild

    Hey mustang owners, pretty new to this community. Recently got a 2003 gt manual and it’s a pretty decent car I have been plans for it from a engine swap all the way to the suspension but that takes time and money so one step at a time. i got the car when it had a spun bearing and 2 bent rods...