Expired 1990 Mustang Notchback Coupe Road-racing Car

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Dec 10, 2009
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I bought this notchback coupe a few months ago and was planning on using it as a track-day car or in NASA, but I just bought a Z06 and am now selling both this car and my supercharged '01 Cobra track-day car. I have only driven this car around the block. It starts up nicely and runs well. I was told by the previous owner that it doesn't need anything but testing/tuning to be track ready. The car has minor damage to the tail light. Also, the left front fender is a little dented. Otherwise the car is pretty solid and ready to go. Note also that's it has some really cool vintage 3-piece billet racing wheels. These were probably very expensive when they were new. Chassis: - Autopower rollcage. - Global West full length subframe connectors. - Ford Ranger front air deflector. - Good Ford Vermillion Red paint Suspension: - Mathis modified K-member - SN95 front control arms - MM Panhard bar - MM RLCAs - FoMoCo RUCAs - Koni SA struts/shocks - H+R Super Race springs - MM offest rack bushings - HD front sway bar endlinks and frame bushings Brakes/Wheels: - SN95 4-wheel discs - Earl's braided lines - Hawk pads - Kodiak 3-pc. 16x8 billet rims, decent 275/45 Hoosiers. Driveline: - T-5 5-speed with newer internals. 3 races on inspection and tear down with new bearings, retainer, and seals. - Aluminum flywheel and King Cobra clutch. 3 races. - Ford 8.8 with 3.73 Auburn posi unit. 0 races on new bearing, seals, and fluid. - FoMoCo aluminum driveshaft. 3 races on new U-joints. Engine: - 92 roller block +0.030. - Polished crank and rods. - Mildly ported Dart Windser Jr Lite aluminum heads. - 1.6 Harland Sharp rockers. - Crane 2040 camshaft. - Holley SysteMax intake, 70mm TB, 73mm mass air, 24 lbs. injectors. - SFI balancer. - Canton 7 qt. road race oil pan. - Allstar aluminum radiator, CVR billet aluminum water neck. - 3 races on new distributor and wires, MSD coil. - 3 races on top end tear down, inspection, and top end gaskets. Exhaust: - Bassani ceramic-chrome equal length shorty headers. - Pypes stainless X-pipe. - MAC Pro Dump mufflers. Interior: - Double welded driver door bars. - Corbeau Forza driver's seat with back brace. - Painless Wiring 5.0 Ford wiring harness. - Autometer gauges (Tach, OP, and WT). - Moroso switch panel. - Longacre QR and steering wheel. - Racequip belts and window net (good till 2014). - Wink panel mirror.
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