Roush 1994 S-351 Belt questions


Feb 24, 2003
I have a 351W w/S-trim in my 94GT project and was wondering if anyone in the Saleen forum could give the belt sizes for this combination to get everything running, or at least close enough to get me in the ball park.
I'm running all accessories with smog and the Vortech water pump and 8 rib crank pullies. I need part numbers or lengths for these two belts. Thanks.
I did a search, but possibly didn't have the correct key word.
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Call Joe at Chicane Sport Tuning on Monday morning.

The only reason I tell you to call him is I have seen a few different sizes and when I changed my pulley, even though it was such a small difference in diameter I had to change the belt. The tensioner didn't like the new pulley.