1995 GTS cutting out while driving


New Member
May 28, 2023
I just picked the car up and it had some problems. Replaced the distributor and coil and I'm waiting on some plugs and wires to come in the mail. But it cuts out while driving. Around 3k rpm if you step on it and if you just ease into it it'll get to about 4500 and cut out like you're hitting the rev limiter. I've had it above 4500 so I know the limiter isn't set wrong. Cutting spark, losing fuel? Im lost. I have check engine lights but cant read them the wiring to the test plug is messed up. I have the smog and ac removed and egr removed. So I'm assuming that's most of the check engine lights. It is bored over and has a cam unsure of what cam. so problems are cutting out while driving, and idk if its a problem or not but I get to about 2800-3k and just get a big boost in power. Feels like a 2 stroke lol.
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