SOLD 1996-1998 Smoked Taillights With Harnesses/bulbs

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Feb 3, 2009
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For sale is a set of 1996-1998 taillights that have been smoked with two coats of VHT night shades with clear. The bezels are black (not original Ford black). Harnesses and good bulbs are included.

There are a few small blemishes including a small group of fish eyes on the left-most lens of the driver-side light, an indentation on the left-most lens of the passenger-side light, and two smaller indentations on the upper-right portion of the passenger-side light. See pictures below.

The driver-side light is original Ford, the passenger-side light is a DEPO reproduction.

Taillights are located in Germany and will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping was $30 the last time I shipped a set of these to the states. This will be included in the price.

Asking $170-shipped.


Fish eyes

Indentation on lens

Indentations on bezel


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Not open for further replies.