1996 GT cooling issues


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Apr 11, 2005
Hello everyone, I am having a coolant leak in my 1996 GT. I have traced the leak to a hole that is towards the rear of the engine. I am assuming that there used to be a hose there though I am not sure where it would lead to. The leak only occurs when I shut off the engine however. While the car is running I get wisps of steam coming out of the heating vents and the overpowering smell of coolant. Any info/insights would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

'96 GT
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Jul 22, 2006
novi, MI
is the hole in the firewall? if so that is your evaporator drain. this and the fact that you are getting coolant smell out of your vents is definatly telling me you have a heater core that is leaking. pretty common on that year mustang. the heater core and evaporator core are both housed in HVAC housing under and behind the dash.

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