1996 Mystic Cobra

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IMO, you buy a Mystic for the original paint, not to have it repainted.

If it's repainted, IMO it's no different from getting a regular Cobra and then painting it Mystic after the fact.

Problem is there are not many mystics out there that have great looking original paint except for the really low mileage ones. But people still want in the upper teens for them. These cars are over ten years old now and a majority look aged because people actually drove them instead of sticking them in a garage. Mine needs to be repainted thanks to the florida sun.
I wouldn't touch it, even with the low, low price of $5500. Besides the paint being a mess, the interior is crap.

It's gonna cost you a boatload at some point to repaint and repair the interior. The seat covers are no longer available from Ford.

You would be better served saving up some more and getting one with 50K on the odo that is cleaner than that. You could probably find one like I am describing for $12K or so. It will cost you at least $5-7K to bring that back.
thats a retarded reason :rlaugh:

a repaired mystic is a true mystic. a black cobra painted mystic isnt a real mystic. what dont you understand?

A bit miffed about your ban are you?

For one, a car in that condition will need to be painted, and fully painted at that. In THAT sense, it isn't original and isn't worth as much in my book. A repainted car isn't worth as much as a car with original paint.

A fully original car, any collector car, is worth more than a restored one, unless it's FULLY restored meaning frame off concurs resto. No Mystic is going to go through that type of resto.

How hard is that to understand?

True, you could say "Ya, I have a mystic, but it's been repainted." The bragging rights on a car like that aren't as much to me, that's all.