1996 SVT Cobra Conv for Sale

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Hello all,

I hate to do this, but I have to sell my 1996 SVT Mustang Cobra Convertible. :( Because of divorce, it has now become a daily driver. I will be looking for something a little more practical, and the idea of keeping it a low-mileage weekend only garage queen is gone.

This was going to be the weekend car to cruise along the beach with the top down and the wind blowing in our hair. To pull up next to the Corvette, Viper, or Ferarri (hey, we can dream...) Now, it's daily driven to work and back, in stop-&-go traffic. The only cars I pull up next to are commuter cars and semi's. (can you hear the violins?)

My car is black/black/black. I am the original owner, it has clean title and current registration. The car is very clean and in excellent mechanical condition. No accidents. Low ez miles (51K) and most of those in the last few years. Its not perfect...it has a few door dings and a small tear in the convertible top (weathered) . But it runs excellent, very strong. 4.6L 4-valve, 5-speed manual. Completely stock, no mods. Still has the signed valve covers from the factory! Fully loaded, leather interior, no tears. A/C blows cold, convertible top fully functional, glass rear window. No leaks, & new tires. Recent baby-ing back and forth to work has netted approx. 23.7 mpg, which isn't too bad for a fast V-8!

I have the window sticker from the dealership, along with the authentic letter indicating the number build. I don't recall what it is right now, but all will be provided. Research on kbb.com prices it around $8,300 to $9,100. This isn't a low bluebook car - my opinion tho. I am asking $8,400 but will take any fair, serious, reasonable offer. I can provide pix.

This isn't just a convertible mustang...while there's certainly nothing wrong with that! But I'm hoping someone with serious interest in what this car really is will take it and live the dream that I cannot. (there are those violins, again!) Email with interests and questions. Serious only please. This is a California car, first sold in Glendale, Los Angeles area. [email protected]
Thanks for your help and interest,

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hey all,

my car is still available...but every day i drive it to work, is more miles on this still-very-low-mile car. I am hoping someone who wants a low mile completely stock original SVT Cobra will pick this one up, before its no longer low-mileage!

Besides...summer is almost here! And who wants a convertible in the rainy season!

Because i'm looking to sell soon, I am lowering the price to 8K, but again, I am looking for a reasonable offer.

Thanks for checkin'

Hi there,

My 96 Conv Cobra is still available...i've recently called to get an estimate on repair of the vinyl roof...estimates fall at around $750 without the rear window, and the window is in excellent condition so there is no reason to replace. I also have recently seen a '95 car which had the roof replaced with CANVAS! It looked awesome! If I were to keep the car, I would spend the extra $150 and have canvas installed! Its just a sharper, cleaner look.

Either way, assuming this is a sticking point with most buyers, I am willing to account for the $750 repair in my sale price, so let me know. As i mentioned, the roof does not leak, but obviously it would look nicer with a new roof. Or, even nicer with canvas!

sure...and sorry all, I have tried to upload the few pix of the car but it continues to fail. :shrug: I think I need to take some lower res pix this wknd and then I will upload.

in the meantime, i will send you the pix, and for anyone else out there who would like pictures, please give me your email address.
PS: Registration is due soon, if it matters to anyone. I anticipated having the car sold by this time, and so I will be lowering the price here on the car. The car is in great condition and still has low miles at about 57K. Let me know. Southern CA area. Thnks for your interest.
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