1999 4.6 into a 2001 mustang


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Apr 19, 2010
itoke the 4.6 out of a 99 mustang put it in a 2001 mustang that had a 6 in it.itoke the wiring harness to.my qustion is i have a round plug with 2 red wires on it.everything runs find,just dont like losse wirers.is it just an accessory plug.any help would be appreciated. thanks
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What can I say? WOW.

Doesn't give a clue were the connector is. Or which wiring harness it is coming from (car, V8, or V6).

This is likely to be an interesting thread. Anybody that can transplant a V8 into a V6 and make it work, I am sure there are many others that would like to learn from your experience.

:stupid:, ditto, I have so many questions! Did you replace the tranny and the rear w/a gt. The wiring harness, hmmm, how did you connect the ccrm, b/c some of the fuse holders have wires that go to them but, don't have fuses in them, man that sounds a like long and thought provoking project, yea give us some pics, seriously.
Perhaps I would be better starting a new topic but my wife and I just completed a swap. We had a 99 4.6 2V GT Automatic w/168K miles. The engine started knocking and we were gonna do both the trans (used) and rebuild the engine for a little more power. I was looking on craigslist for some cheap exhaust parts and saw a totalled 03 Mach 1 for sale complete car for $xxxx on the 5th. We exchange messages for two days and then I go look at it, make the deal and brought it home on the 7th. I had already taken out the eng/trans from the 99 by the 5th though so my wife was becoming inpatient with me doing nothing on her car for like three days while we waited for the deal to work out. All comuters, wiring, the whole dashboard, eng/trans/axle, everything was moved over. The only stuff remaining of the original 99 GT is all the body, the interior plastic pcs and leather seats (wife didnt like the silver stripe on the Mach seats) the entire A/C system was never depressureized so its the same as well as the ventilation systems. Also the speakers and the wiring for only the passenger door also stayed. I had to modify (cut off about 1") the in/out pipes on the heater core coming through the firewall as the Mach had a connector rather than a slip on with a clamp fitting style. I also had to cut out the transmission tunnel towards the front so the Manual shifter would fit through the floor. Had to remove the hood insulation for the throttle/cruise control cables to clear and allow hood to close. Much taller intake on the Mach engine. My Wife and I finished all mechanicals and started it on Fri the 16th. 8 days for a nearly complete conversion. Took it to Ford for their brake bleeding as we obviously switched the ABS system too and it had to be bled by F. I had to tell the tech how to do it, another story for that though. Got car back Sat 17th, and we finished putting all the trim and little bits back perfectly and it is a whole different beast now. Start the car and the odometer showed
34,2xx miles. I wished I did it to a V6 car to save on the insurance. Unbelieveable power. Other than the Flowmaster(came with the Mach) exhaust pipes coming out the back and the sound it makes, it looks like and ordinary GT, which I like the sleeper thing. Wife and I agreed we could probably do it in half the time if we did it again as we had no book, havent owned a Ford in over 15 years and had to learn alot of clips/connectors/etc, how the dash came out took awhile too.
I never answered the original ?? though. I think all wiring harnesses from the factory are gonna have a few connections that are not used on every vehicle. The manufacturer is going to somewhat standardize the wiring to accomidate various options and configurations. I had a few "loose" plugs under the dash at the pedals and spent easily a hour trying to find two ghost wires. No lights come on when started (other than the Trac/abs due to breaking them trying to get them out of the axle) and everything works so I dont worry about it.
were you like drunk or stoned when you wrote this? because your spelling of normal words is horrible.

it is I took, not itoke. it is question not qustion. it is everything runs fine not everything runs find. it is loose wires not losse wirers.