2.3 > 5.0 swap questions

i know there are probably a million threads about this, i searched and it brought back a million things not related. :\

i have an 89 2.3 hatch with a t-5. the rings on #2 are fried and it burns tons of oil and i only have 2 weeks left in school/auto shop (the only place i have to do anything) so i think im going to just drop in a carbed 5.0.

my questions are:

1) will i have to run fuel lines on the other side of the car if it is going to be carbureted? will i need to get a new fuel pump?

2) will i need a new clutch or can i use the one off the 2.3 (i know i need a new bellhousing)

3) are the hangers already under the car for dual pipes or will i have to weld up new ones

4) can i use the coil from the 2.3, the kid who owned the car before me rigged it up and i dont want to touch anything in fear of breaking it

5) how much do you guys think it will cost, im trying to go as cheap as possible, at most maybe $1k.

6) any other words of wisdom you have for me

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3)No,Need v8 ones
4)Yes-But I would not
5)Depends on how much you wanna spend, I have over $3,000 in my conversion.
6)Try to find a 5 speed wrecked donor car or you will never have it done in 2 weeks if I read your post correctly.

I've done 2 such conversions but both were the 91-93 style so there are sure to be some wiring differences.

1- I have seen poeple use the 4 cyl lines but I wouldnt do it. I like to run -6 (3/8") line and ditch all the 4cyl stuff. I have also heard of poeple retaining the 4cyl pump and regulating it down but again, bad idea. Get a holly red or blue an you will be set. You will need to either sump your tank, swap in the pickup tube assembly with an earlier carb version or buy one of the $100 aftermarket puckup tubes. Mount the pump close to the tank and you can reuse the factory wiring. On the 91-93 cxars I found a way to add a relay in teh kickpanel to power the pump but on an 89 there will be variations here so I wont get specific. I do know all the wiring is basically right there but I would suggest having a Chilton and a multimeter handy.

2-You will need the 5.0 flywheel and clutch along with a different pilot bearig if you plan to retain the 4cyl trans. I dont remember the exact application you need to ask for but Its a redily available bearing. Do a search on using a 4cyl trans and Im sure it will turn up.

3- you will need to get passenger side hangers from a 5.0 car or I imagine you could rig up some of those universal hangers from the auto parts store. I like to use the factory pieces. The mounting holes are there but you will have to do some rerouting of the brake line for the hanger by the muffler to mount up. It inhabits the hangers mounting hole.

4- I wouldnt use any of the 2.3 stuff myself. A good cheap way is to use the distributor from an 85 5.0 5 speed car and wire up a GM HEI module. You can use an aftermarket coil or a stock coil from a 5.0 is said to work really well with this setup.

5- Depends on what you have on hand and what you have to buy. Assuming you have a complete motor with all the V8 brackets and accessories in place, I would figure about $250-$350 for fuel system, about $100-$150 for ignition system and you will still need to get a complete exhaust system, double hump crossmember, clutch and pilot bearing, radiator, shroud, Throttle cable and bracket, fan, etc. etc. It can nickle and dime you to death really quick. A doner car is the best bet but I have never had that luxury so I end up spending a ton of time and money gathering all the little tid bits.

6- Words of wisdom...knowing what I know from experience in this area, I would get the motor out of a turbo-coupe and swap it in there before I would do the V8 swap. Alot less involved because you can pretty much reuse all the stuff we mentioned above and you could probably have everything you need for $500 or so.