2.3 Turbo Question


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Aug 27, 2003
Altoona, PA
My friend has an 85 Turbo Coupe. I know it isnt a stang but it is pretty close :D. Well recently he said it is blowing out white smoke out of the turbo pipe and the exhaust pipe.. i said the head gasket but i just want to give him a definite answer. Is that was it is ?
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Well.. my friend talked to someone who has had a few turbo coupes and works on 'em and he said a bearing in the turbo broke and it was just fligging oil through the turbo into the throttle body ( his is oil cooled )... i always thought oil burnt black but shows what I know ?.... the smoke is sweet or anything like the symptoms of a blown head gasket.... :-\ so we spent all day saturday takin his exhaust manifold out.. he ordered a new turbo from an internet webstie for $444... so we're gonna put it back together whenver it gets here and we'll go from there :D thanks for the responses..!
84 Turbo Question

My Q is similar to the Q about White smoke.
I am getting black smoke, only under load and the engine also stutter and and there ia a loss of power. I don't to bios your responses by giving posible options and lead any of you guys in a particular direction.