2.95 gearset rocks!


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
finally got my stang running again, been off the road for a little more than 3 weeks
i replaced the old crappy t5 i got b4 for a rebuilt piece, has the D&D 2.95 gearset. kept breaking cheapy parts store clutch cables. so i bought a FRPP adjustable cable(nice ass piece BTW) and works awesome, smooth ass pedal.
on OT but after i got it running, my damn t-stat went out so i had replace it i am like WTF

i dont know if it really made a difference or not, but usually i would just squeal the tires with a hard shift to 2nd, but now the ass ends gets squally, and i can chirp 3rd now

maybe its from having a good tranny that functions right, and the tri-ax i have also helps with shifts. :D

first gear lasts longer and i great!!
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i sat it aside for now. i got to thinking, as much money as i put in these getting them going good, they wont flow as good as a stock gt40 and i could get a gt-40 for the same price.

i have them still and may pick em up later though
is it just first gear that's different in that tranny?

if so, it would actually be harder to spin second, due to the fact that at the top of first you'd be at a higher speed, and it's easier to spin tires at lower speeds.
first is the only real difference. the rest of the gears are a tad different but are so close to stock it doesnt really matter.

and it spins easier bc, you can rap out first to a higher speed, so when u shift to second. your rpms dont drop near as much ( close to stock gear ratio in 2nd) so right when u shift, your making more power than before so its more likely to spin em.

the reason the longer first gear doesnt hurt performance is b/c 1st gear on the stock gearset is good for only tirespin. but it still spins with the 2.95 set, just not as much and not quite as easy. cant really depend on a tranny or anything to keep traction, you have to feather the gas.

it just feels like it gets up to speed quicker. My girlfriend commented saying it was faster.
if you shift fast enough the rpm's shouldn't drop that much, especially the way the IAC is set up on these cars, the rpms are actually meant to hang a little bit after you press in the clutch to save a little bit of gas mileage or something like that.

it might be psychological?