2 post vs. 4 post auto lifts

First off, I tried a search and didn't come up with much of anything.

My father and I are looking to get a lift to put in MY shop.:D :D 2 post lifts seem to be the way we are leaning, but looking for input the other way. Also looking for a brand name that is good without having to take out a 2nd on my house.lol

We are deciding what is best for us. Oil changes, suspension work, undercar detailing, tire rotations etc.

Also would like to store my Mustang on it when not driving, to keep the very active 3 & 5 y/o boys I own from scratching it.

Let me know what your experiences have been with each. Thanks

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Jul 26, 1999
Algonquin, IL
If you are doing anything with serious work or that involves removing the wheels stick with a 2 post lift. I have a drive on Kwick-Lift (same concept as a 4-post but doesnt go as high, and I would take a 2 post any day over a drive on lift.
I am leaning torward the 2 post. Putting the stang on the lift for storage was to keep the kids from possibly scratching it. I am just going to have to put the fear of them being feed to the grizzly bears if they touch it will have to work.:nono: :nono:

First and foremost, the useability is the main function. Seems that having to raise the car on the lift and then jack the car up off the rack to take a tire off doesn't make sense to me. The scissors are cool, but adds $5000 to the cost.

Any specific brands of 2 posts that anybody recommends??