2000 GT, 'Clunk' sound during initial acceleration & braking

Over the last few weeks Ive started to notice a "Clunk" or a dull "Pop" sound coming from the front end area, It almost always happens while I'm braking to a complete stop and then it'll do it again when I take off.

The sound is sort of like a hammer hitting the floor board ,the other day a friend said he actually felt it on the floor board when I drove off from a stop.. Any ideas appreciated.. Its been slowly getting worse so something must be coming lose?

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Considering my clutch is bad and has been chattering for nearly 2 months maybe it caused the mount to break from all the vibration / chattering? Im having the clutch replaced next week but looks like ill be adding a mount to the list.

I have a good friend who works for a towing company, long story short he set me up with a shop thats going to replace the clutch for $250 labor, I took the car down there last week and they verified that the clutch was definitely bad, i know they checked the motor mounts but not sure about the transmission, they recommended I buy a Centerforce clutch instead of the stock clutch..

Is it safe to drive the car for now? I dont want to cause anymore damage but i have to drive it to work everyday...
I would NOT drive it until it is fixed.What happens when the tranny mount goes bad is that the rubber part of it seperates then causes the rear of the tranny to hit the bottom of the car,mostly on acceleration and gear changes,Im not sure but with that much movement could possibly mess up the tranny shaft.

Also even if you did drive careful enough for it not to hit the bottom it is still goin to move,it may not hurt anything but I wouldnt risk it,I just had to get my tranny rebuilt,all the gears were good so I didnt have to replace those,just for beefed up synchros,shift forks,new seals and bearings...basic rebiuld cost me $420 only because I pulled the tranny myself,if I needed a total rebuild,gears,shafts ect....would have cost me $875,so if you did that kind of damage to it you cold be looking at that much since we have the same tranny's....another words I wouldnt risk it.Mounts are only around $100,not $100+$875 for tranny rebiuld.Just my opinion tho.Also whn I was a teen i bought a new 1992 Trans Am with a T5 tranny,I busted the tranny mount and continued to drive it(being young and dumb)and I did screw up the input shaft and the synchros because of it.