Engine 2000 Gt Engine Overheating, Help Me Diagnose Please. *video And Pictures*

Hi guys, I need some help determining what the issue may be with my vehicle.

I was driving it today less than 10 miles when I noticed the temperature needle creeping up, higher than normal. I pulled over and shut the car off and noticed smoke coming from under the hood. I popped the hood and saw coolant pooled by the water pump area and I heard a hissing noise (car was off). I am not sure what the issue is here. See attached video and picture, sorry I didn't use the flash. Video is HD, towards the end I tried to focus on where the hissing noise was.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks mransr, anyone else agree or think it is something else? Could it possibly be just the water pump?

Also, I noticed there was a recall (which I was never notified about) for the intake manifold cracking. What are the chances Ford will still honor that recall? I've owned the car since it was new, and was never sent any information about the intake manifold recall.


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Dec 1, 2002
Its a cracked manifold like mransr said. There is no recall/warrantee that will cover this. You'll need to buy a new PI FRPP intake. I've been through the same.
Thanks Nightfire and mransr

From the looks of it, these are the parts that I will require on my 2000 GT

FRPP Intake Manifold M9424P46
Fel-pro Manifold Gasket Set MS92121-3
2001-04 GT Alternator Bracket 1R3Z 10153 AA

Are there any other parts that you guys can think of? Should I replace the hoses as well? Also I have the original water pump on there, what are your thoughts on replacing this as well?

Same thing happened to my 2000 GT but it was an immediate and dramatic event lol , I was driving and all of a sudden smoke was billowing from the hood and sides of the car, pulled over and coolant had sprayed everywhere under the hood and onto the exhaust under the car, had to remove coolant from spark plug wells etc. it was a mess.

I had a shop do the repair since the car was still under a 3rd party warranty but I'm afraid they probably used one of these Dorman intakes, im not sure actually I just know it's kind of a pain to change spark plugs ever since they replaced it due to manifold clearance issues in certain cylinders. Car runs fine tho.


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Sep 15, 2006
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I replaced mine about 4 months ago. I did the thermostat, water pump, coolant temp sensor, while I was in there. Worked out pretty well. Remember if you intend to disconnect the EGR while removing the plenum (which I did not have to do) you will need a gasket for that as well. Install was very simple. Just use a little masking tape to flag and label the electrical connectors and vacuum lines. Good luck