2000 GT Head Gasket - Leaking Coolant; mileage = 71,000ish


Feb 25, 2020
Hi All. My GT has coolant pooling in the engine valley. Local shop used a camera and said it was from the right side head. (Note, about three weeks ago they replaced the intake manifold to cure a leak in the valve cover gasket.) So, what are my options consider cost. And I have to pay someone to do the work. I see remanufactured engines for $2,000+. Adding in the cost of the replacement plus extra unknown parts, is it worth it. The car is silver metallic with mint paint and mint OEM premium wheels. Inside also is in very good condition. Thanks.
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SN Certified Technician
Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
I just recently dealt with a similar problem. After replacing the intake manifold gaskets twice and still having a small coolant leak, I wasn't going to to the job again without doing something different.

Note, I found that once you done the same job several times you get MUCH faster at doing it.

What I found was there as metal erosion around the coolant passage ways of the heads. The metal pitting was preventing the intake gaskets from sealing. I went to a local shop that I have done business with (inectorRX.com). The owner is also an engine builder. He recommended using a marine grade epoxy to "fill in" the pits in much the same way as Bondo for body work.

This was done and sanded flat. The intake manifold was replaced and so far, no leaks.

One of the take away from this story is IF the sealing surface isn't SMOOTH and FLAT then the gaskets will still leak even though they are new.

Also consider that IF you were to purchase a new long block it won't come with an intake manifold. So it will need to be swapped.

IMO it's a tough nut to crack to put a brand new long block in a 2000 GT. For obviously I'm partial to using a salvage yard motor. Research Windsor to Romeo swap.