SOLD 2000 Mustang Gt (2.1 Kenne Bell, Stroker, Suspension Etc..)

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Feb 14, 2006
The time has come to sell my stang. I currently have too many vehicles and would really like to concentrate on completeing my 75 bronco restomod.

The car currently has just under 64,000 miles on it and they will stay there. The car is not my daily nor is it driven more than once a week. It has been kept in immaculate condition. I purchased the car from the original owner. Alot of time and money has been invested into this car and I will hate to see it go. I hold the clear Nevada title to the car. The car was tuned at Premier performance and put down 491rwhp and 512rwtq. All tunes are loaded onto an SCT x2 cal tuner. Oil is changed with synthetic motorcraft every 2,500 or 3 months since I don't drive the car often. Coolant was just changed with the rebuild of the water pump and along with that maintenance I changed the oil in my Kenne belle, and the coolant for the Kenne Bell innercooler. Car runs like a champ, is built to handle the power it makes unlike many other cars you see with a supercharger and stock motor, and you cannot beat the whine of a Kenne Bell cruising. Car is adult owned and not beaten on. I have owned 6 mustangs now and am just looking to complete another project I am currently working on now. Car is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Engine build has less than 8k miles
-Auminum Block
-Mahle forged pistons/rods motor was stroked to a 5.0 liter
-Comp Custom grind blower cams
-2V heads Ported and polished heads to match stage 2 cams along with valve job, glass bead blasting, and surfacing
-New valves, Comp valve springs, rocker arms, and valve guides
-Kenne Bell 2.1 with intercooler
-Canton 7qt oil pan
-high volume oil pump
-Meiziere WP346S electric water pump (100 miles since rebuild)
-Lightning MAF
-60lb injectors
-Wide band 02
-70mm throttle body
-Anderson powerpipe
-BBK long tube headers
-Dr. gas off road x pipe(also have catted pipe as well)
-Magnaflow 2.5" cat back
- T-45transmission ( has always had royal purple run in it)
-Aluminum flywheel
-Spec stage 3 clutch
-Steeda quad/adjuster/cable kit
-Triax short throw shifter
-Aluminum driveshaft
-3.73 gears
-03/04 cobra front brakes/rotors
-Front coilovers
-Tokiko shocks
-Caster/Camber plates
-Tubular k-member
-Tubular A-arms
-Subframe connectors
-Brand new headlights
-Grille delete with running pony emblem
-2002+ hood scoop and side scoops
-2003 OEM 17x9 cobra wheels
- Falken 275/45/17 tires
-Tan leather interior
-Mach460 stereo system
-Autometer Cobalt 3 gauge pillar pod ( boost, water temp,fuel press)

I do not need to sell. I have the clear Nevada title in hand and am just looking to sell so I can concentrate on completing my 75 bronco restoration. Asking 13,000. Email me at [email protected] for more details. No joyrides.



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To answer a few frequent questions.

-Car does have working a/c and hot heat
-Car will pass smog with no problems. If you need a mid pipe with cats for the inspections I do have a catted h for it.
-Car is very reliable, has never let me down and runs like a top(except it never runs out of spin and tips over lol)
-I would not recommend this car as you son or daughters first car
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