2001 Cobra Fog Light Switch and replacement Fog Lights


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Mar 21, 2002
Clinton Township, MI
My fog lights on my 2001 Cobra are kind of tired so looking for a good set of replacements. Any suggestions on which brand has the best stock looking ones? I do want LED bulbs.

These look stock but looking for suggestions on which replacement lights and which bulbs do you guys recommend?

These look nice.

Also, the switch on the dash is kind of acting up so looking for a replacement. Anyone sell reproductions? NOS? Etc. switches?
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Oddly enough, it wasn't that long ago that you couldn't find a 94-00 Fog Light switch, and LMR sold the 01-04 one. Seems to be the other way around now.
I'm not seeing it for sale at any of the places I used to. Probably have to check eBay/Parts recyclers. Part numbers are: Motorcraft SW-6663 or 1R3Z15A214AA if that helps.