2004 GT Exhaust

Ok, i know from forum experience that Exhaust tone mainly goes off of the ear of the owner. However feedback is alwasy a great thing, In the past i have ran both flowmasters and magnaflows on my 4.6L Tbird, and the magnaflows sounded better, however the muffler location was at the back end not mid like the Mustangs, now im not looking for all performance, im not looking to race my new pony around Long Island, but i want something that has that classic mean im gonna F' you up sound, do i stick with the Classic Flowmaster cat back? Mac Maybe? even Spin Tech? what do you guys think here?
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I have an o/r Mac H and Mac catback....I like it, its a little louder than I expected but It sounds good. My buddy has a an o/r x and mac catback...I really like the way his sounds and kinda wished I went with an X now.

I searched youtube for exhaust....I bet I listened to 100 different mustangs, and they all sounded different...most of them have an o/r h or X, or a prochamber. I really havent heard a bad sounding mustang, just some that are too loud, or some that dont have enough sound.
I even heard one on you tube with the Flowmaster 50 series, sounded pretty friggen mean and beefy...im not going to buy a cat back, my stepdad has a guy who made the exhaust for his suburban and my mothers monte carlo, im gonna goto him, maybe have him delete two of the 4 cats, and go from there back with an H-Pipe, and whichever mufflers i decide on.