2004 Mach 1 PCM/tune issues?


May 23, 2022
Hello everyone,

So I bought a 2004 Mach 1 as a bit of a project and it was quite the task getting it back up and running. But now im running into some tuning issues. So the guy who always tunes my mustangs is in the process of writing a tune for my Mach 1. Well when I bought the car, it had this bama chip installed in the PCM. I don’t want anything to do with bama, get it out of my car. The car runs fine but still, I want it out and I want a custom written tune. When I take the chip out of the PCM, the odometer goes to - - - - - - and the fuel pump does not prime, the car won’t run. My SCT X4 will not communicate with this PCM at all, chip in or out, my SCT X4 will not communicate. This is a Mach 1 PCM, SYM2. So I had a spare PCM laying around from a 2004 GT, a RKN2, so I figured I’d throw it in to see what happens. I’m aware of the slight differences in PCM’s but I figured I’d try it anyways. My SCT X4 now communicates with the vehicle perfectly with a GT PCM installed. The car runs with this PCM installed, but not well. But I have no idea if this GT PCM is on a stock tune or not, there’s no way to know since it came from MPS auto salvage when I did a 5 speed swap on a GT a few years ago. So what do I do? Is the PCM that came with my Mach 1 bricked? Do I buy a new Mach 1 PCM and have it tuned, take the bricked PCM to ford and have them reset it back to stock somehow, or tune over this GT PCM? Any advice is appreciated.
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