2004 Saleen Cobra vs not a real one


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Oct 5, 2010
Ok, this is my question. Im looking at a "Saleen Cobra" but I have a few problems because this is the first time I heard even heard of such a thing. At first this was something that an ignorant person would say because they didnt know there was a difference. However, turns out I am the ignorant one lol. Anyways, on the car that I am looking at there is no production number under the drivers side headlight and also on the back deck there is the saleen badge and not the svt. It also has the dual pipes centerd under the bymper. I was looking around on youtube and I saw a "Saleen Cobra" and there was the svt badge like the reg cobra has. Yes I know theres gonna be alot of fakes out there since there was such a limited number of the saleen cobras produced and you tube isnt really the best place to go to get information. So yeah, if someone could help me out here. When looking at this car what should be a dead give away and what should be not so much of a dead give away that this car is or isnt genuine. Anybody know of a website that I can submit the vin number and see if its a genuine Saleen Cobra. Thanks so much for the assistance.
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Sep 27, 2004
A real cobra saleen is going to have the 4v 4.6 under the hood not the 2v. That's probaly the biggest give away unless someone did a swap...

jeremy canter

Dec 2, 2008
Orange County , NY
aren't all cobra's vin- coded so they are SVT cars . Saleen is a aftermarket company , and the cars they get should have the vin in them when they get them, so they would be V coded cars


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Oct 15, 2004
Peotone, IL.
Didnt they only make 18 of them? should be able to know by the vin also look on the driver side of the firewall and there should be a saleen badge with the matching build number