2004 V6 BBK Shortie headers, pypes x pipe and SLP Loudmouth exhaust Sound Advice


New Member
Dec 24, 2018
Just finished installing BBK Shortie headers, pypes x pipe and SLP Loudmouth exhaust, had an issue with the egr valve to the header bolt was so rusted could not get it off so took out the pipe. going to go to the junkyard and get a new one sometime soon but thinking of going to home depot and maybe finding a fitting to cover it. Right now the egr connection is open at the header. not sure if that is what may be affecting the sound but car does sound like a tractor. it sounds really good while driving and giving it gas but at lights kinda sounds like a tractor taking off. Just want to know if anyone else has it and if maybe something i may have did wrong. Also doesn't have the cats on it right now didn't feel like cutting the pipes to fit them on been a hard install with just jacks in the parking lot of my condo.
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