Electrical 2005 Gt Speedometer Failure


New Member
Sep 9, 2012
Charlotte, NC
I drove my car home from work last night and noticed the speedo wasn't working - sitting on zero. Needle bumps slightly when car is first started but does nothing else. Everything else works, including the odo and cruise control; car has 14k original miles. Original battery was replaced recently; car sits for about a month at a time not being driven due to employment.

I apologize if there are existing threads concerning this as my search terms didn't bring up anything worthwhile. Car has been trouble free otherwise with the exception of some interior bits: sagging headliner and leatherette type material on passenger door is slowly coming loose.
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Gauge Cluster was 'overhauled' this week by mail with a shop in Tennessee who also provided a lifetime warranty. Gauge cluster reinstalled this past friday; everything working properly. Received a quote of $120 per door to reinstall leatherette material peeling away from door panels.