2005 GT turn signals don't work right side


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Feb 8, 2010
Hi All,
tons of posts here about weird turn signal issues. Unfortunately I can't fathom out my weirdness from everyone else's....

Just happened today out of the blue. (No mods on this stang).

All right turn signals don't work with the turn signal control or the hazard switch. Left side is all fine. [Hazard switch doesn't flash but can't remember if it used to].
Any ideas?

Thanks In Advance
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is the light blinking fast on the dash when you put the right turn signal on? honestly easiest things i could think of would be check the fuses under hood and in the passenger foot well. i'm sure theres one for right turn signals. i could be wrong. and maybe try changing the bulbs.
if you don't get a definite answer within the next day, i will try and go out to my car and check to see what fuses you would want to check. my guess would be its under hood. maybe say something along the lines of rflasher or something similar.
All - thanks for your replies.

All bulbs are ok.
The dashboard turn signal indicators work as expected [both flash with hazard; right-side flashes with turn signal controller].
The manual has no reference to turn signal fuses so I've drawn a blank there.
Having read many other similar issues other peeps have had, I'm planning to check connections behind the hazard button.
Any other ideas gratefully received.
I have no hair left...

Recap - all turn signal functions work except the right external turn signals (front, back and rear); they don't do anthing. Nothing flashes fast; all switches do waht they should; dash indicators flash. (Can't remember if hazard switch used to flash or not but it doesn't now.)

All bulbs ok (switched those on the left with those on the right.
Checked the rear of the hazard switch - all connections seem ok.

Manual says there are no fuses specifically for turn signals. Anyways - would like to get the panel off the passenger footwell fuse box. Seems impossible (and back-twisting/breaking) - any clues?

The only references I've foud to turn signals relate to the SJB Smart Junction Box.
Can I do anything useful in the SJB?

Need to know where the flasher units are and whether there's one for left and right.

Please help - don't want to give up just yet - next stop, local dealer :-(
There have been a couple of complaints filed with the NHTSA on related issues with the blinkers not working or working on their own. I think that the common threads were issues with electical connectors getting wet or otherwise shorting. I tried to search for them on the NHTSA website, Safercar.gov, but couldn't locate the ones I was thinking of.

Just something to consider.
All's good

Think I need my brain examined; forgot the most fundamental issue - this car is in the UK and has undergone SVA conversion. The rear turn signals are the reverse lights with orange bulbs.
The fault was with the resister that sits between the turn signal controls and the rewiring to the reverse lights - the resister ensures the lights blink at the right rate for the UK.
Thanks for all the replies.